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From 16 July 2012, all Edwina’s novels are available as ebooks
And... Coming in September! New book of Diaries covering 1992-1997
Watch a short clip of Edwina reading an extract from "A Parliamentary Affair" on Channel 4's "A Short History of Everything Else"
Scan forward to 9 mins 30secs.


Edwina is now a well-known author. Her ten books include four non-fiction: "Life Lines", published in 1989, on her time as Health Minister; "What Women Want" (1990), essays on women's role; "Three Line Quips" (1992), wit from the House of Commons, and in October 2002, "Diaries 1987-92" which gives a unique insider's view of life in Westminster during the Thatcher and early Major years.

Praise for "Diaries 1987-1992"
"Take a deep breath.. it's well worth reading. ..It contains much to stimulate and enlighten, while its author comes across as a more complex, likeable and fragile individual than her early public image or recent press indicate. .. there is a tender, passionate woman inside.. This important book is not ladylike, but it is most definitely accomplished, and deserves a wide readership."
Christopher Silvester, SundayTimes October 13 2002

Review: "Diaries 1997-92"
The Sunday Times October 13 2002

"Big blue underpants will go down in history"
By Anne Robinson
The Daily Telegraph - October 4 2002



From 16 July 2012, all Edwina’s novels are available as ebooks

A Parliamentary Affair

A Woman's Place

The Ambassador


This Honourable House

She's Leaving Home

Chasing Men

Edwina was a Whitbread Prize judge in 1998 and an Orange Prize reviewer in 2001. She has authored many articles, short stories and book reviews in the national press, magazines and online. Both she and her husband are regular guest lecturers on cruise ships. She has also been a guest lecturer at numerous literary festivals including Cheltenham, Dartington, the Daphne du Maurier festival in Fowey, Cornwall, Jewish Book Week, and the Hay-on-Wye Book Festival.

Her books are borrowed over 100,000 times a year from British libraries. She is currently working on her next book.

Edwina is a member of the prestigious Society of Authors, and served on its Broadcasting Committee for four years 2003-2007.


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